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Art Literacy Support for Students & Parents


As an experienced Early Years Literacy Specialist, Glenna Evans Mulvihill, (B.Ed., Fine Arts) has a passion for the developmental stages of reading & writing, and recognizes the challenges along the way. It is important to keep reading and writing a positive experience, but doing so can be daunting.

‘ART has the power to transform, illuminate. to educate, inspire & motivate’

Art Literacy is essentially allowing more tactile & interactive experiences with our language. Working with a variety of art mediums, the student can experience learning through creativity.

Art Literacy allows the focus of “sit and learn this concept” which can lead to negative interactions to turn into happier, more productive learning time without the same pressures.

Art Literacy provides opportunity to develop hand-eye-brain coordination and fine motor skills. It uses a more visually rewarding method  to isolate & work with concepts, rather than to clump it into one overwhelming hurdle.  For example, if a learner has a serious dislike writing in their journal, scaling it down to analyzing their ability to make letter formations might be what is their actual roadblock- their toolbox still needs developing.

Art Literacy Sessions are offered in the following format:
One-on-One, with parent observation
Parent & Student working together
Parent Literacy Training/Support (Can be in small groups; instruction on how to facilitate your child’s learning at home)
The Session includes:
Looking at examples of the student’s work & listening to what struggles you are noticing, while building an understanding of how the student feels as well.
In some cases, some assessment work will be needed (depending on what school information shows ie. report cards, current assessed reading level)
The concepts the student is challenged by is reintroduced in a fun way that takes negative focus on, replaced with art through hands-on creative activities (ie. fingerpainting, facilitated drawing, art based games).
Guided instruction and support as to what the focus should be at home to continue the progress.

If you are interested in a free 15 minute consultation in person or by phone, please visit the CONTACT page. Glenna would be more than happy to help you 7 your child through their literacy development.

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