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ART as Therapeutic Self-Care  

In a relaxed creative environment, learn various art based techniques  that are proven to alleviate stress, aid insomnia, lower blood pressure and have an overall positive effect on your general health and well-being.

‘ART is a constant agent of transformation & is indeed the soul’s drive to health’

Unlike forms of traditional talk therapy with a medically licensed practitioner, art therapy exercises are gentle expressive opportunities & active meditation (a focused but active state of mind) to learn more about yourself without judgement, analysis, or labeling from the facilitator.

Art therapy allows play, builds confidence, and time designated for you to process emotions & experiences.

Art therapy provides experience with a variety of art mediums, and teaches guided or methodical exercises that can be used repeatedly, with minimum amount of tools, time & space required.

You do not have to see yourself as a creative or artistic person to benefit from art therapy! Any skill level, any age.

Who can benefit from art therapy exercises?

Parents, children/teens,  educators (sessions for planning student/classroom applications), healthcare providers, community-based workers, individuals caring for aging parents, those experiencing chronic pain, life adjustments, self-exploration, need low-key creativity, need focus, need to re-energize..

...ANYONE experiencing that need for balance, self-care, emotional recognition. There are many reasons why people choose art exercises. All are valid.

A 75 minute session spent with the art therapy facilitator would look like this:

A general short conversation addressing your current emotional state (stressed, overwhelmed with To Do list, in need of “me” time, anxious of something upcoming, energized, etc);
Introduction to working with a particular art medium, such as ink, watercolour, acrylic paint, pastels… It is a fun way to warm the creative side while allowing time to experience the medium before the next step. Some comfort with the medium should be there prior experience the art therapy exercise;
Finally, a guided or taught art exercise that brings your mind, body & soul together. These exercises are not ‘one time’ events but something that you can use again & again when needed, to create a good habit, or when you need a ‘time out’.

If you are interested in a free 15 minute consultation in person or by phone, please visit the CONTACT page. Glenna would be more than happy to speak about the process. Sessions for 1-3 people available.

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