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Interested in Taking Home An Original?

Most of the art works you see on this site are for sale.

When you purchase art work, you are supporting a local Winnipeg artist. Being an artist is a calling, a passion, and often a struggle for others to understand.

We add beauty to communities, start conversations with our work, create a visual history for locals to feel rooted to, and hopefully open minds to the process of creating and what art is or can be.

Please consider purchasing an original or print from myself or other local artists. The mass produced prints offered at cheaper prices out of foreign countries aren’t worried about local artists being able to support our family, pay for music lessons, make car payments and contribute to our childrens’ education.

THANK YOU for your support!

Can’t decide on a piece of art? Will it look right?
Want to give a gift? 

Why not ask about RENTING or an arranged monthly installment!

With a rental agreement, if you decide to to purchase the piece, the amount payed for the rental would be applied to the original cost or can be applied to a different piece of art!


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Posted by Glenna Evans Mulvihill on Monday, April 17, 2017

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